Saehee Chang

Saehee Chang is a Korean American teaching artist from the US currently living in Nürnberg and loves to share her musical traditions and culture especially with kids! She learned to play folk drumming in Seoul and taught children at daycare centers, kindergartens, libraries, and schools in Wisconsin, USA. She learned to play traditional Korean Drumming as a university student in Seoul, Korea and continued to play with university groups and Korean American community members. She is a Master Teacher Award recipient from the Wisconsin Folk Arts Board and an experienced artist educator with a passion for teaching children! Since moving to Germany in 2019, she has taught drumming and music classes for babies and kids at the Mütter und Familientreffen Erlangen, the Franconian International school in Erlangen, Montessori School in Herzogenaurach, the Willstaetter Gymnasium in Nürnberg, Vischer Kulturladen Nürnberg, Kindergarten Kraftshof, Mutherstudio in Kraftshof, and Link n Learn in Frankfurt.

If you have any questions, please email Saehee at [email protected] and feel free to visit her website for more info and photos about drumming.